Three endings for 15 strings

for string ensemble

With Tre avslut för 15 stråkar (“Three endings for 15 strings”), I wanted to explore different silences and “quietnesses”, in the sense of quiet, sounding materials, and turned towards a sort of borderland, between clear and unclear, between sounding and unsounding, between pitch and noise. With blurrings and crumblings, I wanted to find (to me) new means to create tension, in a search of some sort of exposed intimacy.

Written in 2016
Premiered May 2016 by Musica Vitae & Michael Bartosch
Selected for Swedish composer’s union new music presentation day 2017
Part of my bachelor’s degree thesis, “Composition and the unsounding – silence, quietness and intimacy in contemporary art music”


  • 5 violin I
  • 4 violin II
  • 3 viola
  • 2 violoncello
  • 1 double bass