for string quartet

Plasticity was written for the Arditti Quartet at the Time of Music/Musiikin aika masterclasses. It deals, on a basic level, with an elasticity (or plasticity) of musical time. More importantly, however, it deals with a constant struggle, represented by the 1st violin, reaching ever upwards, and a rhetoric relationship between a fluid yet halting material and a form of “composed” silence. The climax and ending both represent the most extreme take on musical time of the work, with the former being a 40″ fermata on an unstable harmonic chord, and the latter being a 1’20”, freely notated drone section, ending the piece.

We are given an exciting balance between harmonic and warped materials. High-pitched tone pirouettes are mixed with muted sections where the instruments breathe together. Other moments cut like nails on chalkboards or literally sound like air raid sirens. An imaginative moment with beautiful interplay between the ensemble.

Piteå-Tidningenon Plasticity. (free translation)
  • Written in 2018
  • Premiered July 2018 by the Arditti Quartet
  • Selected to Young Nordic Music 2019
  • Selected to festival mise-en 2019
  • Selected to Nordic Music Days 2019
  • Longlisted for the Ivan Juritz Prize 2019

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