Piano quintet

for 2 violins, viola, violoncello, piano

My Piano quintet was written for and awarded in the first O/Modernt Composition Award, on the subject of a misreading of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony. The piece takes as its point of departure the opening march section of the 2nd movement, with the opening bass motif of the original serving as an “idée fixe” of the quintet, being a concrete link as well as a constant reminder of the piece’s model, while also gradually becoming more and more abstracted, returning to its original state only at the very end of the work.

“A technically advanced, intensely felt, intellectually demanding work, that communicates a clear vision and creates it own sound world.”

– O/Modernt Composition Award jury on Piano quintet

  • Written in 2019
  • Awarded the O/Modernt composition award 2019
  • Premiere at O/Modernt festival 2019
  • To be published by Gehrmans Music Publishing

The piece itself draws on melodic and harmonic outlines from the original, albeit saturated with foreign materials, progressing through the large-scale timeline of its model in a relatively faithful fashion. On a smaller scale, elements are presented (or cut) in or out of order – or juxtaposed – alike, some elements being experienced in an extreme slow motion, others being sped up the utmost degree – altogether creating a dreamlike interpretation of the “impression” of the original.