Frej Wedlund (b. 1991) is a composer from Östersund, Sweden, whose current work is largely concerned with silent tension, quiet reflection and intimacy. In 2016, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in composition at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, where he studied with Per Mårtensson and Pär Lindgren. He has also participated in masterclasses with Kaija Saariaho, Johannes Schöllhorn, Simon Steen-Andersen, Eivind Buene, among others.

Frejs music has been performed by ensembles such as Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, OU Symphony, Norrbotten NEO, KMH Symphony Orchestra and Musica Vitae throughout the Nordic countries, Europe and the USA His orchestral work Half-light on desolation was recently selected as the winning piece in the North Carolina New Music Initiative’s composition competition 2017, and also won first prize in 4×4 Prizes 2016 at Oklahoma University.

Besides composition, Frej is also active as a music engraver, and involved in Sweden’s contemporary music life. He is the chairperson of Ung Nordisk Musik Sverige (Young Nordic Music Sweden), chairperson of Sound of Stockholm, and a board member of Samtida Musik (Contemporary Music). Since 2017, he is a member of FST, the Swedish society of composers.

Brief list of works

Isolated strands of reflection (8′) for soprano saxophone, percussion and piano
(8′) for orchestra
Tre avslut för 15 stråkar [Three endings for 15 strings]
(12′) for string ensemble
Vidare, till intet [
further, to nothing] (11′) for orchestra
Piano quartet (20′)
andas, upphör [breathing, cessation] (5′) for wind symphony
frail crumblings of closeness (8′) for septet
höstdikt.2 [autumn poem.2] (14′) for piano and live electronics
nova (5′) for fixed media
A slumber did my spirit seal (5′) for trumpet and trombone
Half-light on desolation (10′) for symphonic orchestra
Clarity/obscurity (8′) for string orchestra and clarinet