“A technically advanced, intensely felt, intellectually demanding work, that communicates a clear vision and creates it own sound world.”

– O/Modernt Composition Award jury on Piano quintet

I’m a 28-year old composer from Sweden, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a background in many different genres – folk music, metal, pop – but eventually developed a passion for contemporary music. Through composition, I want to explore the state of being human – our flaws, our beauty, all thrown together.

The music

As a composer, I like to deal with the quiet, the incomplete, and the imperfect. In my music, I’m looking for a sort of “grandiose intimacy” – whatever that may be.

The works

My catalogue is focused on acoustic, notated music, with works ranging from solos, trios and chamber music to full orchestra.

The past

I have worked with world-leading ensembles such as the Arditti Quartet and ensemble recherche. My music has received a number of accolades and has been performed by ensembles and at festivals all over the world.